Plastic surgery in Guatemala

Only in guatemala, hair transplant center nova have the latest and most advanced technology for hair transplantation.

Centro de Terapias Alternativas Equilibra

Ave Reforma 3-48 Ef Anel Locl 103 Z9 - Guatemala - Guatemala

Novahairtransplant Center

Novahairtransplant Center Only in Guatemala, hair transplant center nova have the latest and most advanced technology for hair transplantation.
2 calle 25-19, zona 15
Edificio Multimedica Vista Hermosa
Oficina 1402
Guatemala, ciudad. - Guatemala - Guatemala

Doctors in Guatemala
internal medicine and metabolism ...

Venas Guatemala

Venas Guatemala Treatment center venous problems such as varicose veins, ulcers, thrombosis, diabetic foot, spider veins. All made by Medical Phlebologist specialized in Mexico, Brazil and France. Laser cutting edge technology and radio equipment.
6a Avenida 6-63 zona 10 Edificio Sixtino 1 607 - Guatemala - Guatemala

Rejuvenecimiento Vaginal

Rejuvenecimiento Vaginal The reconstructiva surgery of the pelvic floor and vaginal rejuvenation is developed by ginec?logos m?dicos with ample experience, specialists in the branches of reconstruction of the pelvic floor, minimally invasive surgery and laparoscopica surgery (laser surgery), allowing to reduce the indirect effect to the surgical process; but m?s important is that by means of one evaluaci?n careful of each case More...
4a. calle 7-53 zona 9 Edificio Torre Azul oficina 408 - Guatemala - Guatemala

Celulas Madre y Plasma Rico en Plaquetas

Specialist chronic pain treated with ozone therapy, platelet rich plasma and growth factors and CD34 cells.
6 avenida 8-92 zona, Guatemala - Guatemala - Guatemala

Nuestras Páginas Amarillas en Español

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